From designers to entrepreneurs

Ibrida’s journey started at Politecnico di Milano, during the Masters of Science in Product Service System Design. The team came from diverse backgrounds but enhanced their design ideology with a strong service design mindset.

From product design to communication design to architecture, the team had fairly diverse areas of interest, which made the combination even more lethal!

"The 'DIGITAL STRATEGIST' from India can spin a tale better than a spider spinning it's web!"


Architect and Service Designer

As the Digital Strategist, Akanksha’s empirical and pragmatic thinking helps to create the right strategies and content for different platforms, with an international perspective.

"The ‘CREATIVE LEAD' from Italy can make art out of rotten tomatoes!"


Product and Service Designer

As the Creative Lead, Elisa’s artistic background and graphic sensibilities contribute to the development and communication of our brand identity and marketing goals.

"The 'ACCOUNT LEAD' from Italy can convince you to sell your kidney if she wants!"


Communication and Service Designer

As the Account Lead, Francesca’s organisational skills and empathic nature comes in handy while taking care of the multimedia communication and public relations with partners and customers.

"The 'BUSINESS STRATEGIST' from Italy can give 'The Flash' a run for his money! Godspeed!"


Service Design Strategist

As the Business Strategist, Simone’s rational and entrepreneurial mindset brings forth a business value in the design development process for the brand.