Ibrida. Beer made from bread

Ibrida is a BREAD BEER that does not aim to change the world when concerned about food waste, but give a second life to bread baked with a lot of love and passion by the local bakeries.

Ibrida means "hybrid", representing the perfect synthesis between the tradition of brewing and the trend of baking bread, and the perfect combination of the entrepreneurial and social spirit.

Beer for the neighborhoods

Ibrida is not just a bread beer, but a neighbourhood bread beer. "Ibrida x I Quartieri" is a scalable and replicable model that is based on synergistic collaboration with a network of partners - breweries, bakeries, local producers, community hubs, associations and social venues - who come together to share the same mission. By doing so, Ibrida aims to be a social aggregator, more than just a beer.

Sustainable beer against food waste

Unsold bread is a consistent problem that all bakeries have to face.

In Italy, 19% of food waste is attributed to bread. This is a huge number and working towards reducing this waste makes a big difference. In its mission to address Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production), Ibrida wants to give a second life to this product, by turning it into a local, social, inclusive and circular beer.


Our values

  • Local

    Produce a quality beer from local km 0 products

  • Inclusive

    Connect a multitude of actors in the territory

  • Social

    Stimulate local participation by acting as a stage for social activities and impact

  • Circular

    Offer a new perspective on reuse of resources

    and the life cycle of ingredients

Ibrida birra into the wild

Our goals

Ibrida, representing the perfect combination of entrepreneurial and social spirit, aims at conveying values of change while providing a proactive and reflective vision to address the problem of food waste and activating the local community.

surplus bread

growing areas

local opportunities