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Ibrida. Buona come il pane

Ibrida birra is a neighborhood beer brewed from the surplus bread unsold in the local bakeries in Milan. The beer is crafted for and with the growing areas of the city, in order to encourage forms of economic and social innovation in the area. Ibrida, representing the perfect combination of entrepreneurial and social spirit, aims to connect all the actors of this system, conveying values of change and activating the community. And thus, Ibrida desires to be a social aggregator, more than just a regular beer.

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Ibrida wants to provide a proactive and reflective vision to address the problem of food waste, sharing the values of circularity, and enhancing local production and consumption.

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Four service designers who came together at Politecnico di Milano because they appreciated each other’s work culture and wanted to share their expertise and knowledge across the table. The team’s like-mindedness in terms of how to approach problems, the hard-working attitude and being empathic towards one another, soon made them realise how they make the perfect ‘dream team’.

From product design to communication design to architecture, the team had fairly diverse areas of interest, which made the combination even more lethal!

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Architect and Service Designer


Product and Service Designer


Communication and Service Designer


Service Design Strategist