Ibrida feels like a superhero when it saves the bread from going to waste. But, this solid network of bakeries willing to contribute to Ibrida's little mission and embrace circular practices are the real ambassadors. Let’s meet these brave souls and green hearts!

  • A local bakery and café located in the South Eastern suburbs of Milan, with a fulfilling and creative menu.

    Varisco Bakery&Cafè

    Via Camillo Benso Di Cavour, 6, 20864 Agrate Brianza MB
  • A passion passed down from generation to generation, where the art of bread is a passion handed down.

    Bazzini Panetteria

    Via Porpora, 63, Milano
  • A place of experimentation that enhances the history and flavors of the Pavia region, through quality products and a special bread – the miccone.


    Via del Torchio, 1, Milano
  • The perfect combination of tradition and innovation, quality raw materials and authentic flavors are enhanced in a hybrid bakery that has made the history of baking.

    Panificio Davide Longoni

    Via Gerolamo Tiraboschi, 19, Milano
  • A bakery next door to start the day with smiles, courtesy and freshly baked bread. 

    Il Francesino

    Via Antonio Carnevali, 116, Milano
  • A cafeteria and a bakery with a wide selection of products in a cozy and comfortable environment.

    Da Cri

    Piazza Dergano, 3, Milano
  • A beloved neighborhood bakery as a point of reference for the inhabitants of the area and for generations of students at Politecnico di Milano.

    Il Paradiso del Pane

    Via Don Giovanni Verità, 19, Milano
  • For over 50 years in Bresso, satisfying every taste. Passion and customer at heart make this bakery a familiar place to feel at home. 

    Il Forno dei Mariani

    Via Edmondo De Amicis, 8, Bresso MI
  • A small laboratory where you can find typical Milanese products prepared with selected ingredients.

    Voglia di pane

    Via Antonio Carnevali, 1, Milano
  • A micro-bakery in which a young artisan, every day, move their hands, heart and head to create something unique.

    Le Polveri

    Via Ausonio, 7, Milano