Power of the community

Ibrida’s strong participatory approach encourages various occasions of cultural, educational and social initiatives aimed at activating and involving the community. Through different collaborations - events, publications, presentations, exhibitions, Ibrida strengthened its relationship with the #ibridi.

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SDD_Future Translation

#event 07/07/2022

We came together with Service Design Drinks and twenty-four leaders and experts in design and innovation to address the topic regarding the future of the role of design, and how this transformation may impact the next generation.

Corvetto Art Week_ViaFarini

#event 02/04/2022

Official beer for the Corvetto Art week, promoting artistic research, creativity and local projects in Milan.

Ibrida with Entrepreneurship Club Polimi

#event 03/03/2022

An exclusive beer-tivo designed for budding entrepreneurs.

Milano Fab City Meetup

#event 01/03/2022

A roundtable discussion to discover new projects, share our goals, hurdles and find solutions for the #community.

Le Strade di Milano

#publication 11/01/2022

A special feature in Le Strade di Milano blog describing Ibrida’s goals and stories

Ibrida w/ Gnambox

#event 25/10/2021

Ibrida was official beer for a food photography exhibition called Macro

Milan Fashion Week w/ APPcycled

#event 26/09/2021

An event to show the sustainable side of fashion with upcycled clothing by APPcycled, veg catering by SanaSana, media coverage by  Ta-daan and bread beer by yours truly.

Ibrida at the lake_La Breva Catering alla Villa del Grumello

#event 18/07/2021

Piano B_Riviera is back

#event 07/07/2021

POLIFest @Politecnico di Milano Campus Leonardo

#event 01/07/2021

Super combo – Hot Dog XXL and Ibrida for a night at Politecnico di Milano. In collaboration with Compass Italia.

Winners of La Scuola dei Quartiere 3° edition

#publication 01/07/2021

Ibrida is among the winners of the public call – La Scuola dei Quartieri – promoted by Comune di Milano! We will be starting our journey soon. Watch out!

Milano, dalla birra di zona alla biblioteca delle cose_La Repubblica

#publication 28/06/2021

Ibrida featured in La Repubblica as one of the winners of the public call – La Scuola dei Quartieri – and among social enterprises and initiatives useful to the city of Milan.

Milan Digital Week 2021_Il Fattore RE

#presentation 20/03/2021

Ibrida was one of the 6 startups chosen from Municipio 9 in Milan to bring forward the vision for a sustainable and inclusive city during the Milan Digital Week 2021. Find the video here.

Design for Food Stories_Poli.Design

#presentation 18/03/2021

Ibrida was invited for the special DFF Stories, conversations organized by the Master in DESIGN FOR FOOD with the protagonists of the world of design for food.

Service Design Drinks India – From Bread to Beer

#event 14/03/2021

Ibrida was invited as one of the speakers to bring forth a fresh service design perspective for the Food and Beverage sector by Service Design Drinks India.

Pizza and Ibrida_Giallo Zafferano

#publication 12/02/2021

A quick recipe to have the perfect snack with Ibrida, pizza. Created by Laura Pacciani and shared by Giallo Zafferano. Check it out!

Creative session_TU Delft

#collaboration 16/02/2021

Ibrida facilitated a creative session with the Masters student at TU Delft to come up with wild ideas in order to address a problem challenge that we would like to improve in our service ecosystem.

Ibrida on RAI 3 / Officina Italia

#publication 06/02/2021

Ibrida was interviewed by RAI 3 / Officina Italia on the occasion of National Day Against Food Waste as one of the key projects working towards a #zerowaste future. Watch it here.

IXDA / Interaction Awards 2021_Finalists

#publication 05/02/2021

Ibrida was among the top 20 finalists and in top 6 for the Awards Category – Optimizing at the IXDA Interactions Awards 2021 out of a total 351 project submissions from all over the world for its focus on design and optimising production. Watch the award ceremony here.

Ibrida goes to China

#interview 20/01/2021

Check out Ibrida’s interview with CGTN Corp (CGTN Europe) – China Global Television Network – the primary Chinese television channel. A mini trip to China! Check it out!

Baretto_Christmas Beer Box

#collaboration 20/12/2020

A special Christmas box was designed for the Sports Center Don Gnocchi to support them as they are strongly affected by the pandemic and in turn contribute to an innovative project in the area.

Gambero Rosso_Food trends 2021: food, beverages and lifestyle

#publication 17/12/2020

Ibrida got featured in the 2021 #trends in the food & beverage sector curated by Gambero Rosso. Check the article.

Wired_Pint of Bread

#publication 11/12/2020

In the winter edition of Wired Italia magazine dedicated to the Next Generation, Ibrida was featured in the special section “Let’s restart from Z”, dedicated to young talents. Ibrida, a “pint of bread” was recognised for its goal to build and shape a new future. Find the article here.

Ibrida_#ZeroWaste award_Tg2000

#publication 26/11/2020

Catch us live on Tg2000 sharing our story and the prestigious award “Vivere a spreco zero 2020”. Check it out!

ZeroWaste 2020_NonSoloGreen

#publication 26/11/2020

Non Solo Green, a web magazine around circular economy shares Ibrida’s win at the “Vivere a spreco zero 2020” award.

Find it here!

Ibrida wins the Oscar of sustainability_Food Affairs

#publication 25/11/2020

Food Affairs, an online newspaper dedicated to food, tech, communication etc. shares Ibrida’s win at the “Vivere a spreco zero 2020” award. Check it out!

More than just a beer_Imbottigliamento

#publication 24/11/2020

Imbottligliamento, an Italian magazine focussed on the beverage and liquid food industry since 1978, decided to talk about us. Find out why!

Winners of ‘Vivere a Spreco Zero 2020’ award_2night

#publication 23/11/2020

A list of all the winners for the ‘Vivere a Spreco Zero 2020’ documented by 2night. Ibrida won best sustainable practice in the business category.

Check it out!

From unsold bread to bread beer_#ZeroWaste award_ANSA

#publication 23/11/2020

From unsold bread to a bread beer, Ibrida amongst the 21 sustainable and circular practices to win the prestigious ‘Vivere a Spreco Zero 2020’ award.

Check it out!

BeeerMag_How bread beer helps fight food waste

#publication 19/10/2020

“How bread beer helps fight food waste”, a sneak peek into bread beer history and Ibrida’s future. An article by BEEER Mag, check it out!

Gambero Rosso_Ibrida, beer made with the bread from the best bakeries in Milan

#publication 06/10/2020

Not just another anonymous blonde with a pop label, Ibrida takes it seriously: reusing surplus bread from the best bakeries in Milan” Says Lucia Facchini from the one and only Gambero Rosso – food and beverage publishing house. Check it out!

Ladies that UX Milan

#presentation 05/10/2020

Ibrida presented itself at the panel – Women in Business organised by Ladies that UX Milan, a community for women in UX design world. Being a 75% women led startup, it was a wonderful discussion. Check it out!

Tutto Milano, La Repubblica_Bread, Hops and fantasy

#publication 01/10/2020

Tutto Milano, Repubblica
“Pane, luppolo e fantasia” We told our story by revealing some curiosities!

Ciao Como_Beer against waste: Ibrida made with bread

#publication 29/09/2020

Andrea Zappa together with Ciao Como, local radio and online magazine, talk about the experience of Ibrida, a project that collaborates with various Como companies. Check it out!

La Risolartista_Nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge

#publication 19/09/2020

Nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge. Tutto si trasforma in qualcosa di ancora più buono. Ibrida: una birra che nasce dagli avanzi di pane. Here you can find the article written by Emma Sedini, La Risolartista. Check it out

La Ribalta Barona_Ibrida è una Porter

#event 19/09/2020

Blues music and beer for the launch of Ibrida x Chiaravalle, a Porter beer made with unsold rye bread from Panificio Davide Longoni and produced by La Ribalta Brewery. For the first time available in the new Barona headquarters of La Ribalta.

Miccone_The Pavia tradition meets Milan

#event 12/09/2020

Ibrida, from Milan meets the typical bread from Pavia, Miccone, to realise the perfect Pale Ale. An event held at Miccone, Milan to mark this collaboration.

La Breva Catering_Aperitivo at Villa del Grumello

#event 06/09/2020

When quality food, an exceptional location and Ibrida meet, the magic begins. Ibrida, in collaboration with La Breva Catering, presents an exclusive aperitivo in the hills of Como, at Serre di Villa del Grumello.
A special summer event to rediscover the neighborhood beer with the scents, colors and flavors of a refined and genuine cuisine. By the lake!

Be Barman Eventi_Experience Beer Box

#collaboration 30/08/2020

Thanks to the synergy with Be Barman Eventi, Ibrida grows, exploring the world of tasting with an Experience Beer Box, where research and creativity find space.

Ibrida_Il Cibo secondo Micol

#publication 31/07/2020

A milanese influencer Micol… ‘s take on Ibrida and reasons why she loves it! Check it out!

Ibrida + Picchio Cartotecnica dal 1959

#collaboration 17/07/2020
Quality and attention to detail distinguish the production of a limited edition packaging.

Spark Ecosystem_Sustainability & Design

#event 06/07/2020

A webinar discussing about Ibrida and its strong focus on sustainability and design.

Mimosa Milano_Live

#event 24/06/2020

A special vegan dinner organised by Mimosa along with Ibrida x Bovisa and Ibrida x Chiaravalle as a surprise drink.

Il Sole 24 Ore_Bionda, etica: Ibrida

#publication 15/06/2020

The interview recorded for Forbes Italia was successively released on Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian national daily business newspaper. This interview features the Ibrida team talking about the soul and story of the project. Check out the video.

Ibrida x Miccone

#collaboration 17/06/2020

Ibrida x Miccone is a beer produced with surplus Miccone, a typical bread from gastronomic traditions of Pavia, that is deep rooted in the authenticity and simplicity of the local cuisine. Check out Miccone’s shop.

Interview_Giornale della Birra

#publication 16/06/2020

Interviewed by Marco Fusi, financial journalist by profession and beer lover. We talked about our project, the goals achieved and future prospects. An interesting article published in the Giornale della Birra, one of the most important and famous web magazines on the beer world. Check out the article.

Podcast_Startup with Eloi

#publication 15/06/2020

The key elements of our journey and the current trends told from a new and inspirational point of view: Startup with Eloi. A podcast by Eloi Guterres, an expert in entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, tells us this story through his personal lens. Check it out!

The Innovation Cafe

#presentation 11/06/2020

We shared our journey from being designers to becoming entrepreneurs at The Innovation Cafe, a global innovation community based in London. Check out the video.

Ibrida x Chiaravalle_Panificio Davide Longoni

#collaboration 01/06/2020

A porter beer giving second life to unsold rye bread procured from Panificio Davide Longoni. These rye grains are cultivated in the fields of Chiaravalle, south of Milan. Check out the video.

The Startup Club_Pitch Night

#presentation 29/05/2020

Ibrida participated as one of the startups pitching their idea at the VCIRO – Turn Virtual Connections Into Real Opportunities! pitch night organised by The Startup Club.


#interview 14/05/2020

Vinhood is a new reality in the market of food and beverage, offering digital services and taste innovation. Ibrida featured in an exclusive interview with Vinhood to discuss the special ingredient of our beer, the distinctive taste, and the peculiarity of this product. Check out the video.

Digital Design Days_Online

#presentation 06/05/2020

Ibrida shared its experience of building a startup with the team’s strong design mindset and approach at the 3 days online conference organised by DDD. Check out the video.

Forbes Italy_Siamo Jedi

#interview 14/04/2020

An exclusive video interview with Forbes Italia on their Siamo Jedi show where team Ibrida guided the audience through the story of this project. This interview was telecasted live on Sky Italia, Tivusat 61 and is now published on BFC Video. Check out the video.

Forbes Italia_30 under 30

#publication 5/03/2020

“Ibrida, local and anti-waste beer” – the feature in the social responsibility section of Forbes Italia 30 under 30, March edition. Check out the article.


#collaboration 25/02/2020

A local bakery who used Ibrida to produce bread again (Taralli). Bread > BreadBeer > Bread – A ‘two sustainable’ idea!

Digital Entity_Happy Friday

#event 21/02/2020

Ibrida was the chosen beverage to inaugurate a beautiful initiative – Happy Fridays by Digital Entity, NTT DATA Italia. They made an ethical and responsible choice by supporting a local business for their corporate events.

SDDM_Native Culture Services Vol.4

#presentation 13/02/2020

Ibrida took to the stage at Service Design Drinks Milan’s 23rd edition – Native Culture Services. But not just presenting Ibrida and it’s story, we also offered some beer as Proof of Concept!

Riviera_Panino Griffato by Forgotten Architecture

#exhibition 6/02/2020

Ibrida is the official beer brand for events held at Riviera, creative space in Milan. Ibrida paired up with some architecture inspired gastronomic sandwiches for a fun filled evening.

Riviera_Piano, Piano Piano

#exhibition 31/01/2020

Ibrida is the official beer brand for events held at Riviera, creative space in Milan. For an alternate evening with the creative minds at Bloc Studios, Ibrida powered their live concert with a sustainable beer.

Plug and Play_Italy Winter Summit Expo

#presentation #event 4-5/12/2019

Ibrida was the beer ambassador for the two days Winter Summit 2019 at Plug and Play Italy. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect and share our story with the top notch innovation experts, investors, business leaders, and venture capitalists there.

Cascina Cuccagna_Handmade market

#event 1/12/2019

Ibrida was one of the chosen brands to sell their products at the Christmas Market with a strong artisanal focus.

Riviera_Spotted Onka Allayer Beck

#exhibition 28/11/2019

Ibrida is the official beer brand for events held at Riviera, creative space in Milan. With artefacts designed by Onka Allayer Beck, Ibrida added it’s freshness to this evening for the design community.

Ibrida x Bovisa_Launch Event

#event 24/11/2019

Ibrida x Bovisa, the first neighborhood edition of Ibrida, was launched at Birrificio La Ribalta in the Bovisa/ Dergano district. This event marked an important milestone in Ibrida’s journey. Check it out.

Milano Green Week_Coltivando

#event 27/09/2019

Ibrida brewed a special edition with the hops from Coltivando, the community garden at Politecnico di Milano. This collaboration was showcased during Milano Green Week 2019.

Pavé Birra_ExBEERience

#event 05/12/2018

Ibrida designed the space, a beer tasting experience, interaction with the home brewer and experiencing the brewing process at Pavé Birra in Milan. Check out the video.