Birrificio La Ribalta

Birrificio La Ribalta is an open brewery, best known for its artisanal yet local beer production. An indispensable producer, collaborator and partner to make our dreams come true.

Support growing areas,
from Bovisa to Barona

Two growing neighborhoods in the city of Milan, Bovisa and Barona, are going through a movement of transformation. La Ribalta’s active presence in these areas serves as a springboard for Ibrida in shaping the local culture.

The brewing process

From a small home brewed batch to a large scale production, testing and prototyping different beer types from Pale Ale to Porter to Pils, choosing the right bread and altering the recipe with the master brewer for each batch of beer, Ibrida has grown and how! Never seen how a bread beer is brewed? 
Do check out this video!

Partner in crime

When you share the same values and the same dream, it’s a lot of fun! Whether it’s our launch events for Bovisa and Barona districts, special evenings with some soulful music, degustations of Ibrida along with some unforgettable food pairing, we can count on our partner in crime to help us curate a wonderful experience for our Ibridi!


We love the community spirit when our Ibridi get together for a cold beer and warm evening... But we are now bringing the magic directly at your doorstep. Order away!

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